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Autograph Show of Texas

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ADDRESS: 1318 HWY 3 S. Building C. League City TX 77573

Steps To Get Started

Step 1

Pick who's autograph you want!

Once you have selected the guests you would like to get autographed from, please make sure to purchase the autograph tickets online and PRINT out your proof of purchases for your shipment later! This is VERY important for the later steps!

Step 2

Select what merchandise you are wanting to get signed.

You can send in any item of your choice, please make sure that your ticket is good for the specific merchandise you are choosing to mail in. Some guests have tickets that are only allowed for specific merchandise, please make sure that you purchase the right tickets for the merchandise you would like to get autographed.

Step 3

Make sure to label your item and include the any specifics.

If you have a specific color pen or location you would like the guest to sign your item please make sure to label it properly. We will try our very best to follow all of our customers request, but we DO NOT guarantee any color or autograph placement. 

Step 4

Create your return shipping label.

When sending as a mail in customer we REQUIRE that you include the return shipping label to send your packaged items back to you. This label can be ordered online through your local post office, UPS or Fedex. If you do not include a return shipping label we will contact you in regards for payment for your return shipping. 

Step 5

Locate all the items to include within your mail in package! Complete the checklist.

1. Locate Proof of Purchase Print out! (This should reflect exactly what you purchased and all of your personal contact information! Such as; Name, Email, Phone Number, Address
2. If your proof of purchase does not print all your personal information include a sheet that states all this information!
3. Locate the merchandise you would like to get signed. 
4. Make sure your item or items have the proper labeling of how you would like to get it autographed. 
​5. Create and print out your return shipping label!
6. Locate your material to package your items all safe and sound!

Step 6

Package up all your items and celebrate!
Please make sure to include all the items listed above within your package! Do not hesitate to let us know when your item is on the way. If you have any questions, comments or concerns contact us at [email protected]
​ADDRESS: 1318 HWY 3 S. Building C League City Texas 77573

August 26th-28th, 2022

Items will not be back at our facility until, September 1st, 2022. Please allow for 2-3 weeks to receive your items back in the mail after the show has completed. As we ship back items we will send out tracking to your contact information.


August 2022